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SUSTAIN courses

Sustainable Future Program

The Sustainable Future Program (SFP) consists of a suite of undergraduate courses focused on providing students with the opportunity for interdisciplinary, student-led, community-based, and experiential education focused on sustainability. Courses in the program are open to students from all Faculties.



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Sustainable Internship 

McMaster’s Sustainability Internship Program was created in 2009 by McMaster’s Academic Sustainability Programs Office in collaboration with a group of highly engaged faculty members and their students. The program was developed with the purpose of enabling all students to apply their theoretical knowledge of sustainability to address a real-world problem.

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Interdisciplinary Minor in Sustainability

Addressing sustainability in our society poses interdisciplinary challenges that require interdisciplinary solutions. McMaster created the Interdisciplinary Minor in Sustainability with the goal to develop student’s interdisciplinary knowledge and understanding of sustainability.


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Graduate/Undergraduate Collaboration in Experiential Learning (GUCEL) Program

The GUCEL Program encourages graduate and undergraduate students to work together on an interdisciplinary project, resulting in the creation of novel intellectual communities.




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