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“It was so much more than reducing IT waste”

“I am so grateful to be provided with the computer from GreenBYTE and McMaster University, it will be so helpful as I further my education in High School, it will really make a difference. Thank you to everyone who made this possible.”

This was a comment that a group of six McMaster students received from a grade eight student when they delivered refurbished computers to Cathy Wever Elementary School last Thursday.  


McMaster launches sustainability action group

In order to better coordinate and generate sustainability programs across the whole organization, the university has launched a sustainability action group, chaired by Debbie Martin, AVP and Chief Facilities Officer.


Lake Avenue School Students: Talking Friendly Streets

This project, part of our Sustainability course at McMaster, had a relatively simple objective: create an engaging workshop with youth to gain insight into where students in Riverdale are going, their modes of transportation, in addition to understanding obstacles students face when walking or biking, and interventions students proposed to overcome these challenges.