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In order to support community-based and experiential learning projects, we are looking for help from members of the McMaster and broader community. Do you want to help students start a local garden, guide them in hosting a community event, or support another project that would benefit student learning related to sustainability? If so, those are the kinds of ideas or projects that we’re looking for!

Either complete the form on the tab to Submit a Project Idea or download a Word version of the form and email the completed form to Kate Whalen (


Role of a Community Project Champion

The main role of a Community Project Champion (CPC) includes the following: 1) proposing a project idea, 2) having your proposed project selected by a student/student group, and 3) providing support for the planning, development, and implementation of the project.

If you are interested in becoming a CPC, you can begin by submitting a project idea using the form below. If your project is chosen by a student/student group you will then have the opportunity to support the student(s) through the planning, design, and implementation involved in bringing the idea to life.

Please note that it is not guaranteed that all proposed projects will be chosen. Selection is based on individual student interest, which cannot be predicted.

More Information before Proposing a Project

Interested in learning more? We request that all potential Community Project Champions review the Community-Based Experiential Learning Resource Guide before submitting their project idea. This guide provides a brief (3-page) overview of what to expect, as well as outlines the roles and responsibilities of each party.

After reading the Resource Guide, and before submitting your project idea, remember that projects should be of an interdisciplinary nature, include some aspect of community engagement, and have some practical outcomes that are achievable within the course time period. The goal is to provide students with the opportunity to lead a project with your support. Projects should provide flexibility for student experiential learning and the opportunity for innovation and creativity.

See Some Examples

Completed Projects – To gain an understanding of the types of projects and outcomes that can be achieved, you can review past completed projects here.

Project Proposals – All current project proposals will be posted online for student viewing, and example project proposal descriptions can be seen here.

Present your Project and Meet Sustainability Students from Sustain 3S03 and Sustain 4S06

Community Project Champions who are proposing projects for Sustain 3S03 and/or Sustain 4S06 are invited to attend the first lecture in early September. Potential CPCs will have the opportunity to provide students with a 2-minute “pitch” of their project idea. Students will then have the opportunity to meet with potential Community Project Champions prior to choosing their projects. Potential CPCs are not required to attend class in September. However, participation is highly encouraged.

Contact Us for More Information

Not sure if becoming a CPC is right for you? Contact Kate Whalen, Senior Manager, Academic Sustainability Programs, to discuss details of the role.

Please contact with any updates or changes to your submission.

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