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Student Sustainability Ambassadors Program (SSAP)

The Student Sustainability Ambassadors Program (SSAP) is a community of like-minded students interested in sustainable action and a hub for collaboration at McMaster University. It was created in January 2020 when it was identified that McMaster sustainability initiatives often work in silos. SSAP’s goal is to break down those barriers, increase collaboration, and reduce resources used.


To support student leadership, action, experiential learning, personal and professional development, and collaboration focused on sustainability.


The specific objectives of SSAP are as follows:

  • Generate student awareness of and engagement in academic sustainability
  • Foster student leadership in sustainability through collaborative and active learning
  • Support students in their pursuit of sustainable action
  • Provide a platform to facilitate connections between students and sustainability groups


This program is operated and developed by McMaster’s Academic Sustainability Programs Office in partnership with McMaster’s Hospitality Services.

Interested in getting involved with SSAP?

SSAP is composed of layers, which provide students with the opportunity to participate at the degree of commitment they are able to.

SSAP Coordinators:  5-6 students who volunteer to take on the additional responsibilities of coordinating SSAP’s communication channels over the course of a 1-year term. We are not currently recruiting SSAP Coordinators.

SSAP Reps: 30-40 students who want to be more involved in McMaster’s sustainability community. They participate by 1) gaining access and communicating through the SSAP Slack 2) attending monthly socials, 3) generating their own campaigns and collaborating with other clubs. Interested SSAP Reps are encouraged to email with a short paragraph describing why you are interested in being a SSAP rep.

SSAP Members: An unlimited group of students who participate in the SSAP community Facebook group (commenting, liking, attending events, posting). Interested students are encouraged to request to enter the private Facebook group named McMaster Student Sustainability Ambassadors Program“.

SSAP-Affiliated Clubs at McMaster

The following sustainability-minded groups are affiliated with SSAP. Want to join the list? Email us at

SSAP Contacts

SSAP email: 

SSAP Coordinators: 

SSAP Advisors: 

  • Liana Bontempo, Wellness and Sustainability Manager at Hospitality Services
  • Abbie Little, Community Relations Coordinator at McMaster’s Academic Sustainability Programs Office