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Student Sustainability Ambassadors Program (SSAP)

The Student Sustainability Ambassadors Program was born in January 2020 when a problem was identified that McMaster sustainability initiatives work in silos. The goal of the SSAP is to break down those barriers and increase collaboration and reduce resources used.


To support student leadership, action, experiential learning, personal and professional development, and collaboration focused on sustainability.


The specific objectives of the Student Sustainability Ambassadors Program are as follows:

  • Generate student awareness of and engagement in academic sustainability
  • Foster student leadership in sustainability through collaborative and active learning
  • Support students in their pursuit of sustainable action


This program is operated and developed with Hospitality Services at McMaster University and supported by Facility Services and the McMaster Students Union.

Interested in getting involved with the Student Sustainability Ambassadors Program?

The Student Sustainability Ambassadors Program has created a private Facebook Page called “McMaster Student Sustainability Ambassadors Program” where you can get involved in sustainability action, build personal and professional skills, and collaborate with like-minded individuals and groups. Request to join today and be part of the Student Sustainability Ambassadors Program.

Sustainability Initiatives at McMaster

In the Summer of 2020, a pan-campus research study was conducted to analyze current McMaster sustainability initiatives. A survey and spreadsheet were created to collect and organize information on sustainability co-curricular, curricular, and other initiatives that exist at McMaster. The information from the survey is intended to help connect interested clubs and groups of students to help foster collaboration focused on sustainability. 

Survey – Are you a club/group at McMaster and want to be added to the Sustainability Initiatives at McMaster list? Complete this survey.

Spreadsheet – Are you a student at McMaster who wants to get involved in a sustainability initiative? Check out this comprehensive list.

SSAP Contacts

SSAP Coordinator: Erik Jurriaans


Advisor: Liana Bontempo

Wellness and Sustainability Manager, Hospitality Services



Advisor: Abbie Little


Community Relations Coordinator – Experiential Learning, Academic Sustainability Programs Office