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No prerequisites. Open to all undergrads in Level 1 and above.

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Want to do something about climate change? Mac has a course for that.

Actually, five courses. The Sustainable Future program is open to all McMaster undergraduates enrolled in any faculty.  Students learn about sustainability, work with community champions, and help to implement real-world solutions.

New Student Testimonials

Read about what past SUSTAIN students took away from each course, their favourite lessons, and their advice to future students on our new student testimonials page.

ART 3DP3 – Designing Paradise

This new interdisciplinary course integrates art, culture, ecology, history, environmentalism and decolonizing

perspectives to reimagine west campus as a model of sustainability.

SUSTAIN 3S03 – The Essential Utensils Kit 

This course offers a unique perspective to the world of sustainability and marketing that no other course provides

– Sabrina Dasouki and Kirstal Ramnarine, SUSTAIN 3S03 2018

SUSTAIN 3S03 – Re-Root Coffee Creatives

 Not only did we have the chance to learn about  implementing sustainable change from incredible inspiring instructors, but we were also pushed to create REAL sustainable change in our community.

– Gurinder Sandhu, Josephine Agueci, and Gabrielle Gonsalves, SUSTAIN 3S03 2018

Challenging My Wasteful Lifestyle Habits

It was really rewarding to take what I was learning in class and use it to make significant lifestyle changes.

– Andres Nagy Ossa, SUSTAIN 2S03 2017

Making Small Sustainable Changes

If people around the world engage in small changes in their everyday life to live more sustainably, we could collectively make a large impact.

– Zainab Hussain, SUSTAIN 2S03 2018

A Unique University Experience

I can say that completing this lifestyle project gave me one of the purest forms of education through experience that I’ve ever had in university and I will look back fondly as I continue learning more.

– Tanzim Hoque, SUSTAIN 2S03 2017