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The Essential Utensils Kit

This course offers a unique perspective to the world of sustainability and marketing that no other course provides


The Essential Utensils Kit

SUSTAIN 3S03 – The Essential Utensils Kit 

What were you trying to achieve?

The initial challenge we were given was to promote composting on campus, as it seemed to be unfamiliar for many students. We wanted to go beyond this scope and extend towards reducing the use of single-use plastics and promote waste-free alternatives in addition to encouraging on-campus composting. This evolved into our idea of creating a compact, convenient, and aesthetically pleasing kit that encourages a positive behaviour change towards sustainability for students at McMaster University.


What was your biggest accomplishment by the end of the course?

We were pleasantly surprised and proud of the seven kits we were able to sell during the semester. We weren’t sure how much interest and demand there was for a product like ours, so it generated a lot of momentum and excited us to build more. Clearly there is a market for it and we are ready to dive head first! 


What have you done since the course? 

We were recently accepted into The Forge’s Start-Up School, administered by McMaster Innovation Park, where we are currently learning about the essentials for business development, receiving guidance and delivering a strong value proposition. This has been such an incredible opportunity for us to jump-start our idea into a business! We have thus far received amazing mentorship and direction and would definitely recommend it to students coming out of Sustain 3S03 or any other students with a start-up idea they’d like to launch! We have also established our social media presence and created an online order form which has greatly increased the promotion and advertisement of our kit.


What would you say to anyone thinking about taking SUSTAIN 3S03?

This course offers a unique perspective to the world of sustainability and marketing that no other course provides. Through experiential learning, we’ve gained a significant amount of knowledge from interdisciplinary perspectives and were given the opportunity to leverage our innovative thinking skills.  Being able to connect with the community and explore viable solutions to make an impact, no matter how small, was the most rewarding benefit. Not only did we develop an impactful solution, we met so many inspiring people along the way which has made this experience worthwhile and helped us create invaluable connections.