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You are seeing a  project from start to end, and along the
way, you are faced with different hurdles to overcome.
Learning how to mitigate problems and continue pushing
forward is something I will definitely take with me into

          – Alexandrea Johnston


Photo Credit: Reta Meng

Student Testimonial

What was your most valuable takeaway from the project(s) you undertook during the course?

Even if a problem looks really big there are always small solutions to tackle, which help the larger issue. We can break every problem down into simple actions. That was a really good take away that I can incorporate into new projects.

What knowledge, skills, and abilities did you develop in 4S06 and continue to utilize in your personal and professional role(s)?

I think it is the problem solving aspect of the course. You are seeing a  project from start to end, and even though the end goal may not be what you originally imagined, you experience the process of the development. Also, time management, I use this skill in my job now and it has been a huge benefit. I also use the project-based thinking I learned in class. It allows me to think out of the box and approach new projects with an adapted mindset.

If you could give any advice to a student interested in taking or enrolled in preparation of SUSTAIN 4S06, what would you say?

Try to make the most out of your classes. It’s easy to focus solely on your project but the classes have important lessons and reflective activities. I found the classes to be really enjoyable with meaningful conversations where I learned a lot about myself and my peers.