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 ” Be open-minded and excited to learn about the content.
You are coming into a space that may be completely new
and challenge your beliefs and assumptions.”

– Sunny Shanmugam


Photo Credit: Reta Meng

Student Testimonial

How would you describe your knowledge of the concept of sustainability before this course? 

I had part knowledge, mostly from my volunteer work in high school. However, it was more environmental, only after learning of the Minor (in Sustainability) did I learn that it was more in-depth than I previously thought. It was interesting to learn that there is a huge social aspect of sustainability.


What was your favourite topic taught in class; what lessons will you take with you?

In our class it is discussed that the definition of sustainability is making sure we keep our resources available for future generations. The three sectors – Government, NGO, and private – and why they are important is a lesson that has stuck with me. You have to understand how to work in these three sectors because they all work in a different way. I also learned a lot about environmental assessments, regulations, and standards. Things I never even thought to think of.

If you could give any advice to a student interested in taking or enrolled in preparation for SUSTAIN 1S03, what would you say?

  1. Be open minded and excited to learn about the content. You are coming into a space that may be completely new and challenge your belief or your assumptions. Keep in mind that this is an introduction course so you may be more interested in some topics than others. 
  2. When you choose your three experiences, go out of your way to really experience them. Choose experiences that you think might be meaningful to you and open your eyes to new ideas. 
  3. Take the reflection piece seriously, take the time to make that experience meaningful. 
  4. Don’t be afraid of the presentation – see it as a healthy challenge. Who knows, you may really enjoy it!