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 “The offerings of this course are truly unique and allow you to build your foundation as an advocate and leader. 

– Connor Black

Photo Credit: Reta Meng

Student Testimonial

The SUSTAIN 2SS3 course has been a true highlight of my degree so far and has allowed me to succeed in my current co-op position.

What stood out in this course compared to other courses you have taken at McMaster?

What stood out to me most about SUSTAIN 2SS3 was the community feeling that the course provided. From the very first lecture, the instructor created a safe space for us to collaborate and share our knowledge and lived experiences with one another. This allowed us to form personal connections with our classmates and provided a sense of community. initiative or project.

What was your most valuable takeaway from the project(s) you undertook during the course?

The end result isn’t everything — how you get there matters too. Advocacy is not a linear process, and it is important to consider the small victories along the way when doing advocacy work. It is equally as important to reflect on failures or setbacks that you encounter, as these can often provide valuable lessons.

What was your favourite topic taught in class; what lessons will you take with you?  

My favourite topic taught in class was the principle of Anti-Oppressive Advocacy, and how it applies to sustainability. When discussing the concept of achieving sustainability, we often think that we simply have to make changes to our current systems — whether they be social, environmental, or policy changes. However, in order to create true sustainable change, we need to be willing to disrupt the system and address the various levels of oppression that exist in our society by asking ourselves, “who is not being heard?”. 

If you could give any advice to a student interested in taking or enrolled in preparation for SUSTAIN 3SS3, what would you say?

SUSTAIN 2SS3 is so much more than a sustainability course. No matter your educational background or level of knowledge, this course allows you to explore sustainability through an advocacy lens and gain a holistic understanding of how to advocate for sustainable change at any level. The offerings of this course are truly unique and allow you to build your foundation as an advocate and leader.