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SUSTAIN 3S03 Course Report

The SUSTAIN 3S03 Course Report is now live online! Click Read More to view the full report.

2018/2019 Annual Report Launched!

Our 2018/2019 Annual Report is now available online. Read about our experiential, student-led, interdisciplinary, and community-based student projects.  

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No prerequisites. Open to all undergrads in Level 1 and above.

New Student Testimonials

Read about what past SUSTAIN students took away from each course, their favourite lessons, and their advice to future students on our new student testimonials page.

The mission of McMaster’s Academic Sustainability Programs Office is to inspire in all students a desire for continued learning and inquiry through experiential education.

To realize our mission, we strive to provide all McMaster students with the opportunity to take part in interdisciplinary, student-led, community-based, and experiential learning focused on sustainability. Achieving these objectives involves developing and fostering strong community connections, both within the University and the broader city of Hamilton. Additionally, supporting students to equip themselves with the knowledge, skills, and abilities to be successful in their learning is instrumental to their success as lifelong learners. To achieve our objectives, the Academic Sustainability Programs Office offers the following programs listed below.


A suite of five undergraduate courses focused on sustainability. SUSTAIN courses are open to all students, independent of their home Faculty.



The Sustainability Internship Program

An opportunity for undergraduate students to develop and implement a real-world sustainability project and receive course credit from their home Faculty upon successful completion.


Interdisciplinary Minor in Sustainability

An opportunity for students to choose from a list of sustainability courses from Faculties across campus and tailor a minor to complement their undergraduate degree and education .


Grad/Undergrad Collaboration in Experiential Learning

An opportunity for graduate students to work in collaboration with undergraduates to develop and implement a real-world sustainability project and receive academic recognition upon successful completion.

Community Engagement

An opportunity for enrolled students to work with members of the McMaster and/or broader community to tackle a real work sustainability project.